Prayer; What is it truly?

Depending on your religious background prayer is either the recitation of written prayers or making it up as you go along. So what really is prayer supposed to be?

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—I Timothy 2:1

“Properly, exchange of wishes” as defined from the Greek word relates prayer to be a conversation, or exchange between two. Paul told us to Pray without ceasing which related the idea that our conversation and exchange of words between God and ourselves never ceases. There is never, “I’m finished”, we merely stand side by side without saying anything until we have something to say again.

My wife and I can sit next to for hours and not say a word or we can talk for hours but the conversation never ends, maybe on some subjects, but the idea is the conversation never ends, it just switches topics.

What I am driving home is that prayer is just talking to God from your heart.  I think God wants to hear your words more than someone else’s.

Secondly, prayer includes making petitions, but its never about convincing God of what we want but talking about it until you get an answer. We do not assume because we want something done that it means God wants the same thing or that our timing is the same as his. He might have every intent in answering the petition but just in a different timing. Prayer is allowing God to speak to you to hear what he as to say about the subject, sometimes we understand and sometimes we don’t.

Intercession is not speaking on behalf of the person but praying in agreement with a person, meaning we intervene on their behalf to get an answer or to ask God for something concerning life. We tend to be agreeing with their petition and request, we are simply letting God know how we feel about the situation.

Thanksgiving is saying thank you in recognition for what he has done, is doing, and will do.

Prayer is the idea of talking to God about everything, there is nothing we keep from him and everything the heart feels is being expressed and ts not about a right way or a wrong way to do it, we are just simply talking to God who we know is in charge and can do all things.

It’s like having a dad who is the POTUS, we don’t need an appointment to go talk to him, he knows us, we know him, and we know he is the most powerful man in the room. We can sit at his feet or sit on his lap. He’s our Daddy. He listen to what we have to say, he hears what we want, but he has a plan for us and is simply directing us to what he knows is best for us, and pray is getting to know and trust him in every little detail of our lives.

When we feel we have to hide from him is when we know we have blown it, and until you come to Daddy, and deal with the situation things are not going to be quit right. Why should he listen to you when your being mean to your wife, provoking your children, and simply not loving them the way he loves you.

Still he is the POTUS and that demands we represent him, and we treat him with respect when we are in public for who he is even though he is our father. We don’t take advantage or seek special treatment. He is not our lap dog, sugar daddy, or our servant who fetches our slippers on command.

Nor shall I dare say is he responsible for some of the results some people claim publicly in how he “speaks to them”, God does not need our council nor gives ear to certain people because they are “God’s anointed”. Or gives special revelation or new knowledge to one person above the rest.

Spending time in God’s presence does one awesome thing; builds humility in us.

Its how we know we are not “special” unless your name is Ed, meaning we put others ahead of ourselves, prayer life is not about what we can get but what can we “get” for others.

The POTUS would be prouder of a son or daughter who sought to help a friend in need by requesting the authority of the father to act on their behalf and not for themselves and their advancement.

It’s not about “seed faith” that gets God to move and answer prayer it’s our love for others that moves him. When we are trusted and grown up enough to learn that valuable lesson through prayer that God “blesses” not by how much “seed” you laid down but based on your love for others.  

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