MacArthur Opened the Door.

Its Open season on Evangelical, Pentecostal / Charismatic churches and believers. Meaning now that John made his dissent public it has given the boldness for others to jump on the bandwagon. Now we have YouTubers criticising everything that comes from these now labeled as “questionable” sources.

I’m not going to turn around and negatively label these folks because I believe people are smart enough to smell out “wolves” who feed on the sheep. Building a ministry that attacks another part of the church is clearly not what the church is called to do. I also don’t believe most people are being persuaded by these people either. Those who are against, are going to remain against, it’s just that now it’s fashionable to voice your criticism against other Christians who are in their view “deceived” . Is it fair to say that people and or Ministries, that believe it is their calling to tear down the body is actually in the wrong? And is there a difference between false doctrine from “false practices”?

Granted that a lot of what people see on TV through some Pentecostal preachers IS a distortion of what is acceptable, but how do we identify and define or even discern when a “leader” is blatantly false and to what extent do we expose them publicly?

We measure what they preach against the word of God and does it withstand the test? Secondly most Television preachers got there popularity based on personality not on the academic proficiency. When someone teaches that Jesus went to hell died, and was born again in hell we simple know this type of teaching is at its worst. Those who propagate such teaching are part of the “crowd”. It’s a shame that many people still argue, “I’m of Apollos, im of Paul, ” Not realizing the body was given many voices to speak truth because in the many “educated voices” we find the balance. We find truth because of being truth it stands out and is accepted.

John MacArthur IS a great teacher on many theological subject but when it comes to understanding the works and gifts of the holy Spirit in the church today he is misguided. Over the many years he has had many opportunities to engage Christian leaders with balance, such as Jack Hayford whom I personally know and know they met many times in private. BUt never persuaded.

Can we say that since the Gifts have not ceased that those who fight in opposition to them find themselves kicking at the pricks and just maybe they might have a visitation from Jesus himself.

There just has to be other ways for us as a church to “police” ourselves because what is currently taking place is simply wrong.

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