Church: What is it good for?

Many people may be questioning why do they even bother to go to church, what good is it really doing them, or on the other end of the spectrum are afraid of what God might do if they didn’t go.

The word church comes from the Greek word Ekkletos, or ecclesia, meaning “Called out ones” The real church is not the denomination or the building in which we meet, but the church is the many people who follow Christ. Because they have come to faith, they become a part of the “body of Christ” as Paul used the body as an analogy for the church, to refer to the fact that each person is part of the whole, and even each congregation has a different part to play in the whole that means every church and denomination that’s names Jesus Christ as Lord IS a part of the body of Christ, whether the speak in tongues or not. Christ is the head of the church and in this body, there are many parts, feet, hands, eye’s, and so forth and each congregation has a purpose and a meaning for its existence.

Each person is valuable, non expendable, and worthy of our love, attention, and respect. Oh wait, we all know someone who is a complete _________.
Answer: we Love, we don’t tolerate sin. It’s love to kick their butt out to the street until they get their act together or ask for true help.

Each person within each congregation has a place and a calling in which they are brought in to help the whole congregation grow. Some are teachers, evangelists, pastors, prophets, and Apostles we are not all pastors or all teachers, because someone must help administrate the Sunday school or the church potluck.

Stephen for example was chosen in Acts 7 to be a waiter for the church potlucks and make sure everything was served rightly, and for being in that position he was the first martyr of the church.

My goal here is to figure out how to convince people that their place in church is not about being a pew warmer. Yes, the church is the place where we should be coming in to get healed and fixed in the head, sort of speaking, get our act together and allow God to heal us of our wounds and then figure out to help each other get healed. It gets messy and it means at times people will get hurt. We will be betrayed. BUT we Love anyways.

Listening to a great sermon is nice, experiencing great worship is an added bonus. Seeing someone come to Christ, PRICLESS.

Being a person who has been healed and brought into wholeness, is someone who is actively looking to be a help and strengthen someone else. We can’t do that ourselves if we are wounded. We don’t heal from our emotional scars by ourselves and we don’t get healed in a church who is inflicting the wounds. So yes, there are ‘wounded” churches out there and usually being run by wounded people. Being a Pastor or teacher does not mean your perfect, but it does mean your whole enough to help other people. Jealousy of others, angry at life, lusting after power and control, are all forms of wounds that bleed out and get the whole church bloody. Maybe its time to recognize where you’re at is a place of where everyone is getting bloody or it might be a place where you need to step up to the plate, be the example, and speak the truth through example.

It’s a tough decision whether to stay at a place or not but it should never be the issue of not going, because there is no such thing as the perfect church. You’re not looking for perfection you’re just looking for the place to serve and not get wounded in the process by those you trust for guidance.  

Yes, people get wounded at church by other wounded people who claim they are “forgiven”, which means people are messy. BUT you know deep inside of yourself if your in the right place or not.

Leaders don’t make messes they clean them up, which sometimes means the mess needs to go to somewhere else and I’m not talking about the people..

So, what is the bottom line? I’m not going to tell you because you need to figure it out for yourself.

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