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Sarah Smiles

In 1992 my wife became pregnant for the second time. Our first was born in 1988, a healthy girl we named Avery. The pregnancy went along as usual and there was such a joy to feel her kick and move around and as the final months approached, I was getting so excited to see her


Giggles Back in 1986, I was on staff at Hope Chapel Hollywood and we were meeting in Plumber Park. Plumber Park was a small park in West Hollywood that sat on the border between a very large Jewish community and the Homosexual community in West Hollywood. The park was usually filled with the homeless and

Church: What is it good for?

Many people may be questioning why do they even bother to go to church, what good is it really doing them, or on the other end of the spectrum are afraid of what God might do if they didn’t go. The word church comes from the Greek word Ekkletos, or ecclesia, meaning “Called out ones”